About Microtex

MICROTEX is made by Fibretech’s MELT OVERFLOW rapid solidification casting technology (RST) to produce a non-woven metallic textile material used for exhaust system baffles. This material provides two important functions. It provides durable thermal insulation around the perforated pipe to protect the basalt wool from damage and contributes to noise attenuation (reduction) of the exhaust system over high and low audible frequency range, using its special unique structure and also contributes to extended life.

The MICROTEX range of special stainless steels offer higher temperature corrosion resistance than established alternatives like 434.
As with all Fibretech products, the MICROTEX Range maintain their performance over the life of the exhaust system and is fully recyclable. The performance remains constant and predictable at high temperature with no drop off in acoustic performance, thermal properties, or resistance to back pressure because of their fine crystalline structure developed through metallurgical process and chemical controls.

MICROTEX is offered in a range of alloy stainless steels to meet the exacting requirements of customer specifications.

MICROTEX is used in both OEM and aftermarket exhaust systems and is available in a number of grades and sizes to suit specific customer requirements.